What People Are Saying About Famous Amos!

Vince Santarelli in Apple Bites (February, 2001):
  • "Replacing Famous Amos on a permanent basis is going to be a tough job. Famous was just one of those disc jockeys who made his show special. He managed to let his personality shine through even within the confines of a tight format. He was fun to listen to and he always gave us our 'dime's worth.' Famous tells Apple Bites that he already has some things in the works ... Thank Heaven there are still some programmers out there who recognize talent."

Pete Salant, Pete Salant Broadcast Consulting:
  • "One thing I can say without reservation is that there is nothing in radio Famous Amos can't do better than just about anyone else."

Richard W. Irwin, ReelRadio:
  • "Famous Amos truly understands the medium. He's a genuine professional who is also a great human being."

Brian "JoJo Morales" Jacobs, Associate Producer at The Mike Malloy Show:
  • "His intellect is only matched by his talent and passion for his vocation, entertaining an audience with every fiber of his being. I never met someone as devoted to his craft as this guy. He is awesome!"

Dennis Winslow, Winslow Programming Strategies:
  • "He's a damn good jock. I enjoyed the presentation."

Steve O’Brien, WCBS-FM/New York air talent:
  • "I, too, feel [Amos] would have fit well back in the WABC heyday."

Jon Wolfert, President, JAM Creative Productions:
  • "Gee, a guy who seems to be having fun on the air and actually injects a bit of personality into the format. What a concept!"

Mitch Lebe, former WABC/New York anchor:
  • "Broadcasters such as Famous Amos are just what a radio station needs to make a good impression on its audience."

Chris Van Zant, Thunder 106/Monmouth-Ocean air talent:
  • "Famous Amos 'gets it'!!!"

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