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A Bonus Bit, from the Famous Amos archives

My microphone! No, it's MY microphone!!
The perennial nightmare that has plagued jocks for many decades is that one dangerous species known as Programmus Directorus Analus. This carnivorous being is an Alpha Male, who exerts his authority over the herd by attempting to instill fear in the Jockus Discus (worker beast) through intimidation ... and the use of his God-given natural weapon of dominance, the dreaded Hotline (private telephone extension to the Jockus Discus).

Often -- by repeated and merciless nonstop use of the aforementioned Hotline -- Programmus Directorus Analus can drive Jockus Discus to such a point of distraction that Jockus Discus can cease to be able to perform his menial duties, he is so upset. At which time, Programmus Directorus Analus can justify to the Wise Elders that this worker beast must be destroyed and eaten.

Here is what happens when Programmus Directorus Analus fails to possess enough basic intelligence to fell the worker beast. 

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