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For the official Russ "Famous Amos" DiBello Voiceover site, please click the picture below.

NINE!!! One of the most beloved and enduring smears of all we hold sacred is the parody tape that a bunch of arrogant young Radio slackers slapped together, way back in &%^!$! [transmission garbled].

Click the link to the "NINE!" exhibit, on Uncle Ricky's Reel Top 40 Radio Repository ... and be sure to visit the rest of his wonderful historical Radio droppings, and become a contributing member of his important site. Let's keep those fading RF emissions ALIVE! 
(And while you're at it, don't forget to visit WVWA.com, the official "NINE!" website.)

Look ... more on Uncle Ricky, already! What luck!

In 1999, Bigtime Radio Consultant Pete Salant thought it might be an amusing idea to reunite the original "NINE!" team -- over two decades later -- and do a sequel called "Ninety-NINE!" But what ever could we parody? Ohhh ... not to worry. We thought of something, all right!


Here's AnitaBonita.net! Look, don't ask questions -- just GO here, LISTEN to her absolutely butt-kicking voice talent, and hire her to do your VO's! Even if you don't work in media, go kidnap somebody who does, and hold them for ransom until they hire her!
Rich Stevens Online
Say, wasn't that a cool INTRO to this website? If you'd like a website of your own, or want to sex-up one you already have, or snag a really cool custom screensaver, it's gotta be my Westchester homeboy ... former WPLJ/WABC-TV Eyewitness News star RICH STEVENS! Click the studly pic above for www.richstevens.com!
The Train Bit. When JAMMIN 105 first hit the air, I was pressed into service FAST, and we were sort of flying by the seat of our pants for a while. (Is it just me, or did that seem to work a whole lot better than -- oh, never mind...) The Train Bit!
Sheep! Sheep! Just because we can. (Click to download, and yes, it's been scanned for virii.)
This one is for you Radio people ... you know who you are. Click -- stage right. (And beware the dreaded "in" jokes; the page is lousy with 'em.)
The devil made me do it!